Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday in Saigon

Today was the last day of the Sunday swimming term with Mr Tony at AIS and the last day of the Rubba Duckies program for the girls now they are 4 years old.

We'll miss Mr Tony - they have graduated from little girls who wouldn't put their head under the water to being able to dive to the bottom and swim quite a distance.

Sad that it's over, but after 3 terms of swimming lessons I'm looking forward to getting our Sunday mornings back! May'be we can go away for a weekend here and there!


Another day, another car...

Yet another different car...

Between the car rental company constantly swapping our car for another (sometimes nice, sometimes not so nice) and our very naughty driver who keeps misbehaving (despite repeated warnings), we have decided to ditch the car at the end of the month.

We're hoping to find a private driver with his own car...hopefully someone who understands that lying and misbehaving are not qualities I look for in an employee!


If only Mackenzie could drive...I am sure she'd behave better than our current driver!

Today Lotta and I visited Chinatown in District 5 to shop for some arts and crafts supplies for the kids. I'm not really an arty person, but even I couldn't resist stocking up on packets of cute beads because they were so ridiculously cheap!

A packet of 300+ beads for 15,000 VND (that's less than $1)! The girls were pretty impressed with my stash when I got home! We had a very peaceful afternoon making beautiful bracelets and neckalaces.

Friday, March 18, 2011

{Saigon School Moments} Bears, Caterpillars and Pirates!

Mackenzie and the Caterpillars
Today we had a special school assembly at AIS Saigon...both D3 classes were performing.

Georgia's class was first up with their customised version of "We're going on a bear hunt". A long song for 4-year-olds to get through, and most of them vagued out and started watching the photos on the screen behind them...but cute all the same!

Mackenzie's class performed a few songs about caterpillars...lots of "munch, munch, munch and crunch, crunch, crunch!". I may be biased, but I thought Chas, Mackenzie and Jempy stole the show!

In the afternoon it was all about good friend Jempy's 4th birthday party at Snap Cafe. The kids were invited to dress as pirates. There was a treasure chest with chocolate coins hidden in the sand and the most awesome pirate ship birthday cake (made by Jempy's very talented Mum!).

Playing Pirates...Georgia, Levi and Mackenzie

Georgia digs for treasure...chocolate coins are serious business!
Face paitning fun...Georgia the Batman Pirate

Mackenzie with birthday boy Jempy

The awesome pirate ship cake

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birthday fun in Saigon!

25 screaming 2-6 year olds, an indoor playgym and a lot of sugar ... CHAOS!

Georgia and Mackenzie's 4th birthday party at Joymax was a load of fun (although a wee bit tough on the eardrums!).

Both were ridiculously spoilt by their friends. Thank you to everyone who came along to celebrate with us!

Not too many photos as I was a wee bit busy, but I'll post more in a few days once I get copies from our official birthday photographer Darrin.

The Birthday girls

Mackenzie and Levi

The gorgeous Miss Summer

Oliver had fun playing with the big kids!

Birthday cupcakes

The present pile!

Friday, March 4, 2011

{Saigon School Moments} Book Week fun!

This week was Book Week at the Australian International School in Saigon.

Thankfully Georgia and Mackenzie have inherited a love of reading from both parents so it doesn't take much to encourage them to have a quiet moment with a book or three!

Book Week finished today with a book character parade at school. All students were invited to dress up as their favourite character and spend the day in costume.

Georgia as Minnie Mouse

Mackenzie as Snow White

Mackenzie lead the D3 class parade with Ms Amanda

Mackenzie with best friend Lila the Mermaid

In the reading circle...Levi, Georgia and Jules